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mission\making people happy through the experience of delicious food and exceptional service

bō-hē'mē-ən\ adj  an eclectic mix.  global.  artistic.  ethnic.  pleasureful. unconventional.  adventuresome.  colorful.  bold.


Why am I the Bohemian Chef?  Today’s “definition” of Bohemian describes my culinary style.  Travels, Le Cordon Bleu education, ensuing research and 20 years of experience all inspire the unique menus I create for my clients.  I am equally enlightened by traveling around the world or traveling to the local farmers markets!

In addition, my culinary “genes” originate from the region of Bohemia, in the Czech Republic.  Like my Czech Grandmother before me, I have have an insatiable passion for food, and the gift of making people happy with creative cuisine.



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